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6 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2018 SHORTS: Electronic Tattoos Add Power to Wearable Computing Electronic Skin Points the Way North New Designer: The Best Advice I Have Been Given How Can We Design Electronic Devices That Don't Overheat? New Insulating State Found in Stretched Graphene HIGHLIGHTS: PCB007 MilAero007 Top 10 PCBDesign007 DEPARTMENTS: Career Opportunities Events Calendar Advertiser Index & Masthead ARTICLE: Effects of PCB Fiber Weave on High-Speed Signal Integrity by Chang Fei Yee COLUMNS: Medical Electronics: Vital Signs Are Good by Andy Shaughnessy Chapter Roundup and CID+ Certification by Steph Chavez 10 Fundamental Rules of High-Speed PCB Design, Part 3 by Barry Olney Embedding Components, Part 5: Alternative Termination Methodologies and Surface Plating Variations by Vern Solberg Internal Trace Temperatures: More Complicated Than You Think by Douglas G. Brooks and Johannes Adam Measurement-to-simulation Correlation on Thin Laminate Test Boards by Istvan Novak Six Tips to Ensure Parts Fit on Your Board by Bob Tise and Dave Baker Top Tips for Successful Potting by Alistair Little 84 8 34 40 46 52 60 76 80 9 13 19 74 91 32 58 92 95 104 105 NOVEMBER 2018 • ADDITIONAL CONTENT 84

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