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NOVEMBER 2018 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 9 Andy Shaughnessy is managing editor of Design007 Magazine. He has been covering PCB design for 18 years. He can be reached by clicking here. especially if the devices have that necessary "cool" factor. I really don't mind wearing my CPAP mask because the technology is so cool. It's IoT- ready and capable of sending a daily report of my nocturnal breathing activities to my doctor. It uses an encrypted cellular Internet connec- tion, so my neighbors can't hack into it. When I talk to other CPAP-wearers (primarily at PCB trade shows), we talk smack about who has the coolest CPAP machine like we're compar- ing motorcycles, cars, or sailboats. All of this bodes well for PCB designers and design engineers. Medical is one segment that just keeps growing, and more people in our industry are moving into medical every year. IoT and 5G are going to make the medical PCB designer's job that much more interesting— and complicated. For this month's medical issue of Design007 Magazine, we asked our expert contributors to give us their prescription for best practices in the medical PCB design segment. In our cover story, StarFish Medical's Kenneth MacCallum discusses some of the trends he sees in medical electronics, and some of the challenges design - ers face in this evolving market. Next, we have an interview with DfR Solutions' Dock Brown fresh from his SMTAI keynote on medical hard- ware. Dock explains how predictive engineering software can be used early in the design cycle to spot component failures and drive costs down. Consultant Tim Haag has a great feature col- umn about how electronic medical devices are playing a lifesaving role in his family right now, and why your job matters—even if it doesn't always seem that way. Then, we have an inter- view with Tamara Jovanovic—a recent gradu- ate and PCB designer at Happiest Baby, a Los Angeles company that makes smart baby beds that can sense when an infant is about to suf- focate and alert the parents. Finally, we have an interview with Dr. Titu Botos of Neuronic- Works who discusses IoT and why he believes that the Internet of Body (IoB) could be the "next big thing." We also have columns by our regular con- tributors Steph Chavez, Barry Olney, Vern Solberg, Doug Brooks (with special guest Dr. Johannes Adam of ADAM Research), Istvan Novak, Alistair Little, and Bob Tise and Dave Baker. Further, we have an article on the effects of fiber weave on high-speed signal integrity by CF Yee of Keysight Technologies. If you don't already subscribe to Design007 Magazine, I won't tell anyone. Click here to subscribe to our magazine and newsletters. See you next month! DESIGN007 Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Carmel Majidi discusses electronic tattoos, which are circuits made of silver nanoparticles printed on the same film used for children's tattoos. These electronic tattoos have applica- tions that range from health care to personal electronic devices to gaming. (Carnegie Mellon University) Electronic Tattoos Add Power to Wearable Computing

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