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54 SMT007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 Matties: What if a singular large OEM says, "We'd like to train our workforce on this." Would that be possible? Friedman: That's something we would take under consideration. Matties: It seems like there's a dynamic shift in the marketplace, and the needs for training are shifting as well. You mentioned earlier that there's a shortage of entry-level workers. Do you see a groundswell there? Friedman: Absolutely. In fact, we've hired indus- try experts to focus specifically on that issue. The other thing that companies have not taken advantage of in the past, which was your orig- inal question, is our global government rela- tions group—especially today with tariff and trade issues. Members have an actual voice in Washington D.C. and other halls of govern- ment to channel their feedback and make it relevant so that the government pays attention to our industry as they've never done before. Matties: It looks like you're having some success there. Friedman: That's true. We've gotten some legis- lation passed that incorporates language from some of IPC's positions that we've submitted to the government specifically in the areas of defense electronics and workforce education. Matties: Is there anything we haven't talked about that you feel we should share with the industry? Friedman: If any issues require addressing and you feel strongly about it, we're here to listen, and if it's something that we see should be industry driven, then we'll certainly take up the banner. Matties: Thank you so much for your time today, Mark. Friedman: Thank you. SMT007 In this video, IPC president and CEO John Mitchell discusses technological advancements in automotive electronics and IPC's standards development activities that support the automotive industry. Automotive Electronics: Past/Present/Future

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