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10 SMT007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2018 at IPC APEX EXPO. Plus, he steers you to the complete list of new products. Membership in IPC is key and growing. Mark Friedman, IPC member success advo- cate, tells Barry Matties what's new in membership, how indus- try members can get involved, and why they should. Automotive technologies are at the fore during the executive development sessions this year. Patty Goldman and IPC staff provide an over- view of the itinerary for the session. Contributing editor Dan Feinberg channels his inner Bob Newhart in a phone conversa- tion with Jim Hickman. Hickman and Feinberg were original members of the board of direc- tors who launched the EXPO 23 (24? 25? there was some debate) years ago. Wrapping up our IPC APEX EXPO preview, Andy Shaughnessy showcases the Real Time with… coverage that I-Connect007 provides on the show floor. Stop by booth #3119 to catch our interviews, share news with the I-Connect007 team, or even cut your own interview. Michael Ford's column, "Accelerating Tech— Insights from the Smarter Factory," explores the productivity paradox using examples from automotive, Industry 4.0, and CFX. This column is a great follow-on to the CFX/Hermes interview with Ford and Bergman as previ- ously mentioned. And, in his ongoing "Quest for Reliability" column, Eric Camden takes us backstage, so to speak, with his review of testing standards published and maintained by IPC. Yes, a well-rounded lineup indeed! So whether your role at IPC APEX EXPO puts you in the lights or making buying decisions, we'll see you there. SMT007 excitement that go with the moment of taking your place just before the curtain opens. In entertainment, once the curtain goes up, you're on—for better or for worse. Anyone who has had to demonstrate a product that isn't acting the way it's supposed to, will know that same feeling. This issue, we like to think, shows the same balance that Ed Sullivan always brought to his program— something for everyone. We kick it off by giving the stage to Dr. John Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. Dr. Mitchell warms us up with an intro- duction to this year's show themed "Technolo- gy's Future Comes Together." We step further in with a back-pocket over- view of the show including facts, schedules, events and locations, and the keynote presenter. Next up is our first headliner. CFX and Hermes will be a key highlight at this year's show. We spoke to Michael Ford and Dave Bergman about the live demonstration planned for the IPC APEX EXPO floor, and we tell you how to access the live data from the demo so you can fully experience CFX and Hermes in action. Picking up the pace, IPC's Kris Roberson, director of certification, sat down with Nolan Johnson to preview the world championships for the IPC Hand Soldering competition. This competition is a big event worldwide; bringing the championships to the U.S. is a new devel- opment. Check in with Kris's interview and learn why you should be involved. Following up, Collette Buscemi, senior direc- tor of education programs for IPC, explains the educational outreach plans under the STEM umbrella, how students will engage with the industry at IPC APEX EXPO, and what the goals are for expanding the program. Get involved after the show; this is the future of our industry. New products are a key at any show, and IPC APEX EXPO delivers on that expectation. In "Shopping at IPC APEX EXPO: Evolution- ary or Revolutionary Products?" Andy Shaugh- nessy looks at the new technologies, products, and announcements you should expect to see Nolan Johnson is managing editor of SMT007 Magazine. Nolan brings 30 years of career experience focused almost entirely on electron- ics design and manufacturing. To contact Johnson, click here.

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