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DECEMBER 2018 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 31 • Cascade IPC chapter meeting – Occurred after certification classes on December 7 at the same location – Microconnex (a local manufacturer) spoke on flex – The Altium user group met immediately after the meeting – 2019 Training and Certification Schedule IPC Certified Interconnect Designer (CID) • January 31–February 3: San Diego, CA • February 26–March 1: Manchester, NH • March 5–8: Santa Clara, CA • March 19–22: Kirkland, WA • April 30–May 3: Schaumburg, IL • May 21–24: Pittsburgh, PA • June 18–21: Kirkland, WA • August 6–9: Baltimore, MD • August 26–29: Markham, ON • September 6–9: Santa Clara, CA • September 19–22: Schaumburg, IL • October 29–November 1: Anaheim, CA • November 2–5: Raleigh, NC IPC Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer CID+ • January 31–February 3: San Diego, CA • April 16–19: Markham, ON • September 6–9: Santa Clara, CA • September 10–13: Kirkland, WA • September 19–22: Schaumburg, IL • October 29–November 1: Anaheim, CA • November 2–5: Raleigh, NC • November 26–29: Manchester, NH Note: Dates and locations are subject to change. Contact EPTAC Corporation to check current dates and availability. A minimum enrollment of seven students is required for a class to be held. Upcoming Events • IPC APEX EXPO 2019 – January 26–31: Meetings and courses – January 29–31: Conference and exhibition – January 31–February 2: IPC Designer Certification CID/CID+ – San Diego, California – • DesignCon 2019 – January 29–31 – Santa Clara, California – Stephen Chavez is a member of the IPC Designers Council Executive Board and chairman of the commu- nications subcommittee. To read past columns or contact Chavez, click here. Researchers from the Department of Physics at the University of Konstanz have now demonstrated that the lossless electrical transfer of magnetically encoded infor- mation is possible. This finding enables enhanced storage density on integrated circuit chips, and, at the same time, significantly reduces the energy consumption of com - puting centres. The results of this study have been pub- lished in the current issue of the scientific journal Nature Communications. "The combination of superconductivity, which oper- ates without heat generation, with spintronics, transfer- ring magnetic information, does not contradict any fun- damental physical concepts, but just naïve assumptions about the nature of materials," Elke Scheer says. Recent findings suggest that by bringing superconductors into contact with special magnetic materials, electrons with parallel spins can be bound to pairs carrying the super- current over longer distances through magnets. This con- cept may enable novel electronic devices with revolution- ary properties. (Source: Universität Konstanz) Supercomputers Without Wasted Heat

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