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26 FLEX007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2019 Feature Interview by Barry Matties I-CONNECT007 One of the biggest bareboard manufacturers in the world, TTM Technologies (TTM), has seen a recent surge in flex and rigid-flex demands from their customers. In this interview, Clay Zha, Vice President of Technology Solutions of TTM's Mobility business unit, and VP of Corporate Marketing Winnie Ng discuss the differences in manufacturing flex versus traditional PCBs, and the increasing need for rigid-flex HDI boards. Barry Matties: Clay, can you give us a quick overview of TTM? Clay Zha: TTM is probably one of the top three PCB manufacturers in the world. If you're only considering the bare PCB, we're probably the leader in the world, and right now, we have 29 manufacturing sites across the world. We offer not only rigid PCBs, but also flex and flex assembly, rigid-flex, and EMS solutions. Also, after the acquisition of Anaren, we offer radio- frequency (RF) modules and components as well. Winnie Ng: As you mentioned, in 2018 we completed the integration of and acquired the company called Anaren. They are a manufac- turer of RF and microwave components. We broadened our product horizon and are now positioned for not just PCB manufacturing but also RF and microwave components and assembly for future technologies. Matties: Let's talk a little bit about flex and rigid-flex capabilities. First, since you are focused on the mobility business, what sort of percentage of your business is in the flex and rigid-flex space? Zha: It's about 20% of the mobility business. Matties: Flex is certainly one of the faster- growing segments. Do you see that in your overall business as well? Zha: Especially in 2017, we've seen a huge demand from the market because a lot of people require more flexible and reliable connections with thinner, high-density connection devices. That's where we see the drivers coming from. Some of them come from the signal integrity TTM on Flex and Rigid-flex PCB Challenges

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