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FEBRUARY 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 75 Matties: I'm not sure about the exact technol- ogy, but I don't think you need to solder mask the way they're printing these, but I'm not ex- actly sure. I think that was the brilliance of it. Goldman: I was going to say the idea is, "Is there any hope for this little design to work? Let's see what happens when we basically throw it into one of these things," as opposed to a good finished product. Matties: It probably depends on your need too. If you're just trying to get a board to test a rap- id prototype, then it's going to be well suited. But if you need 50 boards for a product line, you'd probably go with a traditional approach through Sunstone. Goldman: It wouldn't make any sense to do that for a good board. Matties: I think you're right, Matt. It's some- thing you must pay attention to in the coming years because it's only going to improve, just like how we went from dot matrix printers to the incredible laser printers that we have now. Stevenson: That is true. Johnson: There's room for companies like Na- no Dimension to start to whittle away at the quantity two or four orders. Stevenson: And maybe their target market now is the defense contractors—the DARPA people who don't want their stuff getting outside of their walls, so they're able to build it in-house. Matties: There's certainly a lot of that, and they were just approved by the Department of De- fense (DoD), which was a big deal for them. Thank you for your time today, Matt. Stevenson: It was fun. Thanks for the oppor- tunity. Johnson: Thanks so much. PCB007 Jack Pattie, president of Ventec International Group, speaks with I-Connect007 Guest Editor Kelly Dack about the many heat issues asso- ciated with circuit boards right now—whether in gen- eral applications, power ap- plications, PCs—as every- one demands smaller, faster, and more powerful systems. Pattie talks about how they are helping their cus- tomers address their thermal management issues, and his outlook for the year. Click on the image to watch this interview. Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2019: Ventec Highlights Core Solutions for Thermal Management

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