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110 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE IPC—Association Connecting Electronics Industries has announced the winners of the IPC APEX EXPO 2019 Innovation Awards, a cel- ebration of the innovators and forward thinkers who are changing the technological landscape of the electronics industry. A panel of industry experts rated and scored each product and assigned a numerical value to each submitted product based on the following criteria: How is this product innovative? How is this product changing the manufacturing indus - try? What value will customers experience with this new product? The IPC APEX EXPO Best of Innovation Awards were presented on January 29 during the open - ing keynote to the following companies: GreenSource Fabrication LLC for their PCB fabrication facility—the only fully automated and green PCB fabricator of its kind. All chemi- cals and water are reclaimed and reused, and the facility's daily water consumption is 500 gal- lons regardless of the factory load. Meyer Burger (Netherlands) BV for an inkjet printer for PCB solder mask. This novel inkjet- printed solder mask solution for PCB, combines a dedicated production inkjet printing system based on Meyer Burger's PiXDRO product line, Agfa's unique DiPaMat solder mask ink, and advanced printing strategies for optimized layer deposition. Nordson DAGE for Explorer one, an entry- level, operator-controlled, manual X-ray inspec - tion (MXI) system for checking manufactur- ing quality in electronics assemblies. Common manufacturing defects such as open or bridged solder connections, BGA reflow quality, and Five IPC APEX EXPO Exhibitors Earn 2019 Innovation Awards

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