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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 117 Dr. Udo Welzel, team leader for engi- neering assembly and interconnect technol- ogy, is responsible for the integration for high-performance logic automotive electronic control units at Robert Bosch GmbH. His presentation "Enabling Connected, Electrified and Automated Mobility: Chal- lenges for Assembly and Interconnect Technol- ogy" provided the view from a leading Tier 1 automotive electronics supplier. He began with three global trends in automotive electronics: electrified mobility, connected mobility, and automated mobility. The three challenges for assembly and interconnect technology can be summed up as mission critical, harsh environ- ment, and high-volume production (perhaps 0.5 million parts per day). Mission critical referred to the very high reliability necessary for all electronic components in autonomous vehicles. The harsh environment meant not just the external conditions but also those gen- erated within the electronics themselves, most notably heat and high voltage. Dr. Welzel fin- ished with the importance of automotive spec- ifications and standards within the industry. Bob Neves, chairman and CTO of Microtek Labs China and member of the IPC Board of Directors, spoke on "PCB Reliability Testing for Automotive Electronics—The China Story." He began by saying that "automotive" should be expanded to "transportation" to include railways, trucks, and beyond. He exemplified this by pointing out that since 2010, China has spent $100 billion per year on its railway sys- tem. Neves then focused on testing and reli- ability, discussing the causes of failures includ- ing conductive anodic filament (CAF) and the widened temperature cycling necessary for testing automotive boards. An unusual com- ment was that he was focusing on the reliabil- ity and analysis of one via rather than the usual IPC D-coupon daisy chain. This will need to be looked at in the future. "Developing a New Dry Film Photoresist to Meet Automotive Very Fine Line Cir- cuit Needs" was pre- sented by Carlo Favini, founder of Elga Europe. Through a multicom- p a n y - m u l t i n a t i o n a l cooperative program, Elga has developed pho- toresists that enable very fine features of less than 10-micron line and space with a resist thickness of ~25 microns. Larry Wilson III, leader of Nexteer Automo- tive's Global Electronics Costing Team, pro- vided both a cost history and forecast of auto- motive electronics by following the history of a particular motor vehicle. He gave an unusual perspective of global purchasing from EMS companies. Next, Ventec Interna- tional Group's new Tech- nology Ambassador Alun Morgan gave an enthu- siastic talk on "Develop- ing Universal Solutions To Automotive Materials Challenges." Morgan's talk focused on challenging thermal management issues for automotive applications. By working collaboratively with Tier 1 automotive suppli- ers, Ventec quickly developed thermally con- ductive laminates as a solution with the key advantage that they provide a simple and uni- versal adoption route for all suppliers. Dwight Howard, manager of electrical engi- neering with APTIV LLC's (formerly Delphi Automotive Systems) Electronics and Safety Division, spoke on "Integrated Intelligent Transportation and Key Enablers." He discussed key enablers for integrated intelligent transporta- tion such as vision where he used the example that LiDAR doesn't work in fog

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