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46 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2019 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE polo shirt," so I did. You have to listen to your parents. Matties: Good. Well, I certainly appreciate that you had a tie on. It shows that you're taking a serious approach to your day and life. McGalliard: It's okay to be serious. People may call me staunch or uptight, but it doesn't mat- ter what they say when it comes to how I dress for school. Every Friday, I wear dress pants, a buttoned-down shirt, and a tie to school. That helps me present myself well to my teachers. It's not really a case of what my peers think. For me, it's more important that those who I am try - ing to impress are impressed rather than those who are my peers and I am working alongside. Matties: In reality, it's really what you think about yourself that's the most important and not others. McGalliard: I absolutely agree. Matties: I appreciate you taking the time to meet and do this interview. Do you have any thoughts that you'd like to share that we haven't discussed? McGalliard: Anyone that is considering get- ting into a STEM profession should definitely do it because they're very much in demand. For anyone that is on the fence, you can find something that will suit your interests. Even if there are people that are more interested in the arts, for example, there are ways to incorpo- rate art and technology. It's all about what you want to do and what your interests are. Go and find something that can accommodate for that; that's my biggest piece of advice. Matties: Marcos, thank you so much for tak- ing the time to speak with me today. I really appreciate it. McGalliard: You are very welcome. S&T The best technical conference papers of IPC APEX EXPO 2019 were voted on through a ballot process by members of the IPC APEX EXPO Technical Program Committee. As previously mentioned, Chen Xu from Nokia and Jason Stafford, his co-author from Imperial College London, took top honors with the winning paper "Reducing Dust Depo- sition on Electronic Equipment by Optimizing Cooling Air Flow Patterns." The authors received their awards during the opening keynote session on January 29, 2019. This year, two papers were selected in the honorable mention category. Honorable mention went to "Head-on- Pillow Defect Detection: X-ray Inspection Limitations" by Lars Bruno, Ericsson AB. His co-author was Benny Gus- tafson, Ericsson AB. Honorable mention also went to "Analyzing a Printed Circuit Board with Oxide Residue Contamination" by Wade Goldman, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc. His co- authors included Andrew Dineen, Hailey Jordan, Curtis Leonard from The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc.; and Edward Arthur, Raytheon Company, Space and Air- borne Systems. Best Technical Paper and Honorable Mentions The papers were evaluated on their technical content, originality, test procedures, data used to deduce conclu- sions, quality of illustrations, and the clarity and profes- sionalism of writing as well as value to the industry. "Reducing Dust Deposition on Electronic Equipment by Optimizing Cooling Air Flow Patterns" Chen Xu Jason Stafford

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