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30 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019 Article by Neil Sharp JJS MANUFACTURING Ensuring you're hitting your build times is always a major priority in surface mount production. The challenge for many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), however, is that the processes involved with printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) can be numerous and complex. And the smallest of details can make the biggest of differences. In this article, we explore four core electron- ic component packaging issues that will help you streamline production, meet your targets, and keep your costs down. Improving the Efficiency of Your PCBA Production 1. Keep Component Variations to a Minimum It's not uncommon to find that a design en- gineer has listed several similar components against the same board reference when speci- fying the bill of materials (BOMs). While this element of choice might be offered with the best intentions, it can prove a challenge as the parts that are supplied by different man- ufacturers can potentially vary in size and shape. Surface mount pick-and-place programs are often set up against one specific part. Any deviations outside of the expected toleranc- es could result in the part being rejected and the production line coming to a grinding halt. For consistency, always request that your ma- terials supplier settles on just one approved part—or at the very least, they should give you the heads up about any possible variations so your pick-and-place programs can be updated offline and you can avoid any costly machine downtime. 30 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019

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