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4 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019 We've been building automated factories for quite a while. However, the time has come for smart factories in our segment of the electronics industry. In this issue, we explore smart factories, the technologies required, and the shift in thinking that Industry 4.0 and smart factories will bring to our world. Smart Factory Supply Line DSG: Breaking Ground on the Smart Factory Conversation with Mauro Dallora Automation and the Smart Factory: Introduction to Industry 4.0 by Happy Holden Building a Smart Factory Supply Line by Barry Matties Anfield Group: Industrial Cybersecurity Needs To Be in Front of Regulators Interview with Chris Humphreys A Working Definition of Automation by Happy Holden What Do You Know About Automation? by Happy Holden FEATURE COLUMN: How Smart Is Your Factory? by Eric Camden 12 34 50 68 78 100 104 MARCH 2019 • FEATURED CONTENT 50 78 12

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