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MARCH 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 49 that by using certified subsystems, it speeds up that process. As I mentioned, we have mem- bers involved at various levels of the supply chain, but as long as the final product is able to pass the tests for safety, interoperability, and other factors required for certification, it is not required that all parts of their supply chain be WPC members, although it can help speed up the process in some cases. Johnson: How does somebody get involved? Francis: We have four different tiers of member- ship: full, regular, associate, and small business. You must be a member to get your devices certi- fied, but you can choose the membership level that fits your needs. If you visit our website you will find a full chart that lists out pricing for each of those levels and what you get at each level. For companies that want to be extremely involved, be a part of this development process, and provide input into the standard itself, they can consider those higher tiers of membership. Companies that only want to get their devices certified as they come out can do the lower tiers of membership. Johnson: And, of course, we're talking here at CES where your booth location is in one of the main lobbies next to the media center. Francis: It's a great spot for foot traffic. Johnson: How has the activity been for you? What's the acceptance rate? Francis: It has been great. We've had a lot of people stop by. The standard for wirelessly powered kitchen appliances that's in devel- opment right now and is going to be released later this year has drawn a lot of interest from folks. Imagine a small apartment in New York, San Francisco, or many parts of Asia where you have a tiny little countertop, and the rest is taken up by your stove. Now, imagine a wire- less transmitter embedded in that countertop instead—no more stove. That transmitter can serve as your cooking and prep space. When you're done, you just put everything away and have a nice, clean countertop. It changes not only the look and feel of the kitchen but also the way that we use it and how we interact with our kitchens. Johnson: Fantastic. Any closing comments, Phoebe? Francis: If you're looking at wireless power as a differentiator for your products, definitely take a look at us. We're very willing to work with our members on their needs, and also help to promote and amplify their voice. Johnson: Super. Thank you, Phoebe. Francis: Thank you. It was wonderful meeting with you. SMT007 Wireless charging technologies are connecting our electronics and furnishings. From iOttie, stylish chargers that are Qi-compatible with a charging zone capable of 10W output.

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