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68 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019 Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 At the 2019 IEEE Rising Stars conference, I spent some time with Chris Humphreys, prin- cipal at Anfield Group, a cybersecurity firm consulting with numerous industrial and infra- structure clients. Humphreys taught a cyber- security course for college student attendees to the conference. Afterward, we talked about cybersecurity, the dynamics of regulation, and the responsibilities that manufacturers have to the greater good above and beyond simply adhering to regulation. If your company is on- line at all (and who isn't?), your IT department needs to be competent in cybersecurity. Hum- phreys gives insight into the knowledge, train- ing, and expertise you will need on-site simply to keep your customers' intellectual property safe. Nolan Johnson: Chris, can you start by telling us about your company and role? Chris Humphreys: Sure. I started the Anfield Group about 10 years ago—a cybersecurity and regulatory compliance and consulting firm based out of Austin, Texas. It brings together my regulatory experience with my cybersecuri- ty and operations experience. It has blossomed into technology advisement, regulatory com- pliance mitigation, and program architectures from processes to tools including everything you need from cybersecurity, specializing in the industrial control systems space, to critical infrastructure, oil and gas, electric utilities, hy- drochemical, and anybody in state industrial control systems. Johnson: Would electronics manufacturing be out of your box? Humphreys: No, it would not, especially since manufacturing involves the supply chain com- ponent that is becoming more and more preva- lent here in North America now on the regula- tory side. Regulation continues to be a huge growth area. Let's just say business is good. Johnson: I can imagine. The IEEE Rising Stars Conference is largely organized to help young professionals, college students who are still ac- tive students, and recent graduates just mov- ing out into the industry around IEEE make Anfield Group: Industrial Cybersecurity Needs To Be in Front of Regulators

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