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96 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019 has employed fully automated factories since the mid-1980s. The keys to automation success include sev- en checkpoints: 1. Believe that it can be justified. Many benefits will come from entirely unexpected sources 2. Recognize that enthusiasm, along with a champion, can work wonders 3. Start with a vision, but begin implemen- tation before detailed planning is complete. Early success builds momentum 4. Realize that functional organization will try to get in the way. Don't let it happen 5. Get rid of obsolete traditions, which have no place in today's competitive environment 6. Rigorously apply TQC, or an equivalent, before proceeding. Understand that technology is only part of the answer 7. Lots of benefits will come from simple improvements. Success comes from people—not machines These seven ideas—along with the strate- gies, tactics, philosophies, and principles out- lined here—are all aspects of the commitment to be the best. SMT007 Further Reading To learn more about factory automation and smart factories, including planning, real examples and process control basic, download I-Connect007's free eBook Automation and Advanced Procedures in PCB Fabrication at (Figure 13). References 1. Wu, Bevan P.F. "Manufacturing Strategy Towards In- tegrated Automation," Taiwan Productivity Center Confer- ence, December 1983. 2. Skinner, W. "Re-inventing the Factory," Harvard Busi- ness Review. 3. O'Connor, J. F. "Making MRP Work in a Multiplant Envi- ronment," PCFAB, September 1985. 4. Wallskog, A. G. "Meet the Challenge of International Competition for PCB's Through Strategic Quality Plan- ning," IPC Technical Review, March/April 1986. Figure 12: Improvement in yield and customer satisfaction is a combination of process improvements (2'–2) and product improvements (1–2) resulting in a markedly improved yield (1–3).

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