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100 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MARCH 2019 Feature by Happy Holden I-CONNECT007 Test what you know in this 10-question au- tomation quiz! Hint: It helps to download and read I-Connect007's free eBook Automation and Advanced Procedures in PCB Fabrication at Questions 1. What was the first plug-and-play equipment protocol? a. TCP/IP b. RS-232 c. IEEE-488.2 (HP-IB and GPIB) d. IEEE-288 (HP-IL) e. Ethernet 2. What was the first wireless plug-and-play equipment protocol? a. IEEE-802.3 b. RS-232/RS-423 c. IEEE-488 (HP-IB) d. HP-Ir 3. What is considered the first widely accepted automation protocol? a. GM's MAP b. RS-232 c. SEMI SECSII/GEM d. IPC-2581 4. What automation protocol was used in the world's first "lights-out factories"? a. General Motors's MAP b. SEMI SECSII/GEM c. IEEE-802.3 d. IEEE 802.11 Wi-Fi 5. What is the definition of automation? a. More mechanization b. Digitization of the factory c. A vector made up of the stages of mechanization and the level of systemization (information) d. The use of computers 6. How is ROI calculated? a. Profits divided by investments b. The time it takes for profits to recover the investment c. The equivalent interest rate the cash flows produced over the useful life of the project d. The net present value of all of the investments cash flows 7. How can you categorize the stages of mechanization? a. Add conveyors b. No people needed c. Automatic loading and unloading d. Measure the percent of machine time for the total time of activities at a work center What Do You Know About Automation?

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