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72 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2019 1 Todd Westerhoff Discusses His New Position and Much More E A t D e s i g n C o n , A n d y Shaughnessy met with our old friend Todd Westerhoff. Todd recently joined Mentor, a Siemens Business, and dis- cussed his new job respon- sibilities, his drive to get more designers and engineers to use SI tools, and the increasing value of cost-reduced de- sign techniques versus overdesigning PCBs. 2 Beyond Design: Not All PCB Substrates Are Created Equal E PCB substrates are all around us in every gadget we use. It is a carrier for the electronic devices and the signal and power interconnects and is usually planar in structure with conductors sepa - rated by insulating dielectric materials. However, each product has a specific performance require- ment and may need a distinct type of substrate to comply with the product's specifications. 3 Embedding Components, Part 7— Semiconductor Placement and Termination Methodologies E Progress in developing high-density embed- ded-component substrate capability has accel- erated through the cooperation and joint de- velopment programs between many govern- ment and industry organizations and technical universities. 4 The Digital Layout: Cascade Designers Council Chapter and 2019 Activities E Our CID+ class had four peo- ple enrolled who came from around the area. All who at- tended learned about how board materials affected their designs, including EMI, EMC, impedance control, power distribution techniques, board stackups, and placement strategies in more detail than what was in the CID. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 Todd Westerhoff Stephen Chavez

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