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18 FLEX007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2019 Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team Patty Goldman, Barry Matties, and Happy Holden recently spoke with David Moody and Rich Clemente of Lenthor Engineering along with Anthony Flattery and Amit Rushi—their customers at GraftWorx. They discussed a recent project and how they worked together to solve a difficult problem by designing a rigidized flex circuit for their product. Patty Goldman: Tony and Amit, thanks so much for joining us today to talk about your project with Lenthor. Anthony Flannery: We had a number of differ- ent challenges that were unique to our prod- uct. It was fantastic working with Lenthor. We're very happy with how the final product came out. Barry Matties: Let's start with some informa- tion on your company for our readers. What does your company make? Amit Rushi: I lead business development prod- uct and marketing at GraftWorx, and I've been here for about two years. At GraftWorx, we build an end-to-end remote monitoring solu- tion to target fluid management issues in chronic condition patient populations. We real- ized that a big gap in solving for that was the lack of a continuous-sensing technology that generates clinically actionable cardiovascular metrics, specifically hemodynamic metrics. We took on this endeavor of creating an end- to-end platform, including making a new, con- tinuous-sensing solution. In our vernacular, we refer to it as a SmartPatch. That journey has gone through its own gyrations to determine the adequate number of sensors, the desired flexibility of the circuit board, and how can we make it truly forgettable in the mind of the patient from a wearable perspective. We started with the architecture of an end- to-end remote mounting platform but needed to solve for the gap of this continuous-sensing SmartPatch. The first market we're targeting is dialysis—a patient population that, unfor- tunately, has a lot of rigor to living their life Collaboratively Creating Wearable Medical Products Amit Rushi, GraftWorx

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