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8 FLEX007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2019 I could also say, "From Beginning to End," though that is not quite the same meaning. Our topic this month is "From Design Through Final Product" as it pertains to flexible and rigid-flex circuits. Because designing a circuit to fit in the envisioned space and perform as intended can be far from simple or obvious— but you already know that. In fact, not being a designer, I can't imagine designing a simple circuit, let alone one that must bend or fold into a shape and space that may be just an idea in an inventor's mind. But of course, it is done every day by many of our readers. Is it easy for you? Our goal in this issue is to provide insights into how best to accomplish the seemingly daunting task— and with a new and different design each time. A lot of it boils down to one factor: work with your supplier and customer. You are a team, and you need to think and work together as a team with one goal: an elegantly designed product produced in a reasonable time at a rea - sonable cost (or at least a reasonable future cost). Interested in some good advice? Read on! We start with an informative article by Bose's Todd MacFadden, a designer becoming increasingly familiar with flexible circuits. He presents three short case studies of prototype designs that, in his words, "didn't go so well" as lessons for you, dear reader. Next is a great interview with Anthony Flan- nery and Amit Rushi of GraftWorx and Len- thor's David Moody and Rich Clemente. They discuss their partner- ship developing a wear- able sensor that required much teamwork and a rigidized flex solution. Following that is an article by Anthony Flannery explain- ing their fluid management patch and the story behind it. Needless to say, working closely with Lenthor paid off with an elegant design that was both highly functional and com- fortable on the patient's arm. In his inimitable way, Joe Fjelstad begins his missive with a quote from Alice's Adven- tures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll to bring awareness to some of the issues to consider when design- ing flex circuits—a subject he has written about extensively in his free book. Printed Circuits' Bob Burns follows with some solid advice for non-standard rigid-flex designs, which can present process difficulties, such as asym- metrical layups and pouch constructions, that require extra care for good yields. You may have already heard the news that DuPont Electronics and Imaging is investing Patty's Perspective by Patty Goldman, I-CONNECT007 From Start to Finish

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