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APRIL 2019 I FLEX007 MAGAZINE 81 5 Institute of Circuit Technology Evening Seminar E The Institute of Circuit Technology hosted its first 2019 seminar at the Wood- land Grange Hotel in Royal Leamington Spa in the Mid- lands of England on Feb- ruary 26. The diverse pro- gramme of four presenta- tions was introduced by ICT Chairman Andy Cobley, a professor at Coventry University, who stood in for Bill Wilkie, who had been taken ill at short notice. 6 EPTE Newsletter: Printable and Flexible Electronics in Taiwan E As the keynote speaker of Printable and Flex- ible Electronics, a two-day conference held at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan, my presentation included current business trends and future forecast for the global printable and flexible electronics industry. 7 The PCB Norsemen: PCB Standards for Medical Device Applications— A Hard Nut to Crack! E With digitalization, AI, and IoT, the traceability and transparency to how a PCB is produced will be even more important. We must rule out the PCBs that follow the standards to the ones that do not. The day will come when you or someone you know might need a medical device, and you want to make sure it does its job correctly. 8 Flex Talk: FlexFactor—Imagination and Innovation E The ultimate goal of Flex- Factor is to create a genera- tion of students who use their critical thinking, cre- ativity, communication, and collaboration skills to create the materials and devices that will address and mitigate the biggest chal- lenges of the future. 9 Standard of Excellence: Microwave PCB Bonding Methods—What Designers Need to Know E There are three methods commonly used for bond- ing multiple layers of RF and microwave PCB lami- nates such as PTFE (Tef- lon) materials like Rogers Duroid. Each has their own pros and cons that PCB designers need to under - stand to balance cost and performance. J Video: Lenthor Discusses Facility Expansion and New Equipment E Rich Clemente, general manager of Lenthor Engi- neering, discusses with Dan Feinberg, I-Con- nect007 Guest Editor, the company's expansion and new facility and equip- ment. He also talks about his outlook for the electronics manufacturing industry in North America. For the Latest Flex News and Information, Visit: Flex007 Rich Clemente Andy Cobley Tara Dunn Jan Pedersen Anaya Vardya

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