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56 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 As technology improves and products become smaller and smaller, the argument for double-sided board applications grows. Using a double-sided board in your finished applica- tion allows you to produce more complex cir- cuits while saving space, offering an array of benefits for high-tech applications and elec- tronics. Challenges to double-sided board implementation include placement questions, solder processing challenges, and heat dissi- pation. Planning out a double-sided assembly can seem overwhelming at first, but taking it one step at a time can help show that while the process may be more involved and complex, it's not substantially different from handling a single-sided board assembly. One of the most important aspects to consider is how you'll address the reflow process. Take process control into account first. Make sure you have the information that you need through tests and inspections that can monitor both sides of the board simultaneously. This lets you know possible failure points of your assembly process and which areas deserve the most focus. Allow for enough space at the Managing Your Double-sided Assemblies edges of the board to be transported on the conveyor system or use panels with frames. Flexible bottom supports that can be adjusted to accommodate components on the bottom of the board may be a good choice as well. Ensure that your boards won't warp or twist as they're being reflowed, which could negatively impact solder joint reliability. Also, this may go without saying, but designing your board so that the heaviest components are all located on one side of the board—where they can be placed after the first reflow and won't need to hang at the mercy of the solder's surface ten- sion—is a key part of the layout process. Further, clearance can be a concern. Screen printers often use individual board supports that can damage your board, and the pressure The Mannifest by Mike Fiorilla, MANNCORP INC.

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