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24 PCB007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2019 I think the phrase, "There is something new for everyone," absolutely applies to the PCB industry. Our industry offers a wide range of materials just on the fabrication side, and I feel like we are consistently exposed to materials that are new to us. Reflecting back on just the last couple of weeks, I have learned about cop- per coins, which is something new to me, and also had a request for ENIP, which is a surface finish I am not yet familiar with. I have also in- troduced a couple of different groups to a pal- ladium-based ALD-type ink that is enabling an additive process capable of very high-density interconnect as well as MINA, a surface treat- ment for aluminum. Other questions I have an- swered revolve around rigid-flex materials for someone starting one of their first rigid-flex de- signs and different coverlay options for a flex- ible circuit application. This leads me to the thought that our in- dustry is growing quickly with new processes and materials being introduced on a regular basis. Even if you have been in the industry for your full career, I would place a wager that there is something new for you or some - thing new to you. When you have questions, who do you go to for answers? Have you built a strong net- work to reach out to? If not, what could you do to help expand that network? Personally, as a manufacturer's representative serving the PCB industry, I try my best to help my custom- ers learn about new materials, processes, and technologies, and at the same time, I am in- tentional about attending industry events and being sure that I am learning about all three as well. I am very interested in how others ap- proach the issue of keeping up to date with new things in our industry and welcome sug- gestions for events to attend. Regularly, I am asked to help answer ques- tions regarding flexible circuit materials, so I wanted to put together a brief explanation of materials available and things to be aware of when creating a stackup. First, for flexible cir- cuits, specifically polyimide-copper laminates, there are a wide variety of options available. Polyimide is available in both adhesive-based New Materials or New to You? Flex Talk Feature Column by Tara Dunn, OMNI PCB

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