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48 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2019 Feature Interview by Barry Matties I-CONNECT007 Barry Matties spoke with Denis Barbini, gen- eral manager of Laserssel, about the Korean company's new laser-selective reflow solu- tion aimed at reducing a typical reflow oven's 10-minute cycle down to just 10 seconds as well as the overall benefits manufacturers could see from streamlining this process. Barry Matties: Denis, can you tell us a little bit about Laserssel? Denis Barbini: We are a soldering company focused on using laser technology in a novel way. We started in 2015 performing research and development for this revolutionary tech- nique. We investigated the potential for inte- gration into electronics assembly, and that's why we are serving the semiconductor, SMT, and rework markets today. Matties: This is a specialty process. Is the idea that the machine streamlines the hand solder- ing process? Barbini: We're addressing current customer problems with mass soldering, mass convec- tion of reflow of soldering, and wave solder- ing. We're taking common defects, such as warpage for a fine-pitch assembly where it is increasingly challenging to achieve proper coalescence, and optimizing those processes to eliminate the warpage to get excellent yield and reliability. We're also able to process niche applications like flex-on-flex and flex-on-rigid in an automated, in-line process rather than having to utilize hand soldering. We are identifying industry segments and appli- cations to automate processes where assemblers have had problems over the last few years. The industry is undergoing an explosion of applica- tions, such as new components and designs for IoT and wearables. This requires different ways Denis Barbini Laserssel Brings High-speed Soldering to New Application Areas

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