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58 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JUNE 2019 A strategic customer has just emailed you the quarterly supplier scorecard, and you gather your team to review it. Reviewing the performance scorecard results should not be a surprise to anyone in your team since you already know your on-time delivery; quality, technology, and cost-reduction initiatives; and customer-service responsiveness KPIs with that customer have not been stellar. The emo- tional roller coaster starts with the realization of the impact the scorecard has on your future growth with that customer account. The knee- jerk reaction of some executives is to demand immediate improvements at all costs, which will create a stressful environment. The abil- ity of the team to perform is in question. Confi- dence in your team falters, but an opportunity to transform your company arises. Every manufacturing organization under- stands that customers have options to select Becoming the Preferred Supplier, Phase 1: Transform Your Company's Culture With Lean Sigma In Search of Operational Excellence by Alfred Macha, AMT PARTNERS

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