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JUNE 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 17 features are selected, they can be placed back in the PDM database. Selection of layout fac- tors, sizes, and design rules can be used to cre- ate technology files that drive modern CAD programs. Conclusion If companies want to reduce product genera- tion time to market and development and pro- duction costs, then DFMA needs to be integrat- ed into a product generation framework. Con- current engineering and manufacturing, prod- uct data management, and digital twin all are essential elements. The tools, software, and el- ements of such a vision are shown in Figure 10. All that remains is to find a software envi- ronment to add digital twin. PCB007 References 1. Hume, H., Komm, R., & Garrison, T. "Design Report Card: A Method for Measuring Design for Manufacturabil- ity," Surface Mount International Conference, September 1992, pp. 986–991. 2. Holden, H. "DFM in PWB Fab: A Review of Predictive Engineering Benefits," Surface Mount International Con- ference, September 1993, pp. 877–881. 3. Holden, H. "Microvia PCBs: The Next Generation of Substrates and Packages," Future Circuits , Issue 1, Vol. 1, pp. 71–76. 4. Sandborn, P. "A Software Tool for Technology Trade- off Evaluation in Multichip Packaging," IEEE/CHMT's IEMT 1991 Symposium, pp. 337–340. 5. Mantay, M.K., Range, L.A., & Schoenberg, L.N. "Opti- mizing Autorouting Boosts PCB Manufacturability, June 1991, pp. 58–61. 6. Hawiszczak, R. "Integrating Design for Producibility into a CAE Design Environment," NEPCON East, June 1989, pp. 3–14. 7. Seraphim, D.P., Lasky, R.C., & Li, C.Y. Principles of Elec- tronic Packaging, McGraw-Hill, 1989, pp. 39–52. 8. Holden, H. "Segmentation of Assemblies: A Way to Predict PWB Characteristics," IPC T/MRC, December 1994. 9. Mangin, C.H. "Complexity Levels and Price Perfor- mance," Circuits Assembly , February 1994, pp. 46-48. 10. Davis, R. "PDM Caps the Enterprise Strategy," Manufacturing Systems , May 1994, pp. 38–48. Figure 9: Proposed digital twin architecture. Figure 10: Product generation framework.

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