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132 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2019 1 The Government Circuit: Team IPC Working on North American Trade, EPA Regulations, EU Policy, and More E In one of the highlights of IPC's work every year, top executives from electronics compa- nies from across the U.S. came together in Washington, D.C., recently to call for policies that will drive the electronics industry's suc- cess. Attendees met with leading policymak- ers to discuss the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agree- ment (USMCA), the electronics supply chain, EPA regulations, and workforce education. 2 Punching Out! Delegate and You Shall Be Set Free E It is good for owners/CEOs to step back a few times a year and think about what they do well, what they like to do, and what others can do better. Delegating simple tasks, like sweeping floors, is easy, but delegating sales management or quality con- trol might be tougher. 3 Operational Excellence: Process Validation Can Lead to Higher Performance Levels E In this first column from Alfred Macha, the author provides a practical guide- line on how to effectively implement a sustainable process validation program for contract manufacturers. 4 Zulki's PCB Nuggets: Avoid PCB Wire-bond Loop Failures E Today, hybrid PCB manu- facturing is making greater inroads into our industry, which is the marriage of traditional SMT manufac- turing together with micro- electronics and wire bond- ing. In many cases, the OEM working with EMS providers doesn't fully understand the nuances of effective wire bond- ing and related failures. Editor's Picks from Tom Kastner Alfred Macha Zulki Khan

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