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JULY 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 75 Knocking Down the Bone Pile: Straightening Out Those Corners E A PCB can be dropped, dinged, or mishandled as it is placed into a board carrier in the PCB assembly operations area. When the laminated material is damaged in this manner, can it be repaired? The answer, like most engineering answers, is that it depends. Synergy Between Smart Manufacturing and the Secure Supply Chain (Part 1) E As MRP and ERP functions follow comput- ing trends and start to migrate into the cloud, a fundamental question is being raised as to whether these are still the right tools to use in today's modern Industry 4.0 driven factory, or whether these need to evolve, be enhanced, or even replaced to meet the more extreme requirements of operational flexibility as well as cope with volatile material availability in the market. Laserssel Brings High-speed Soldering to New Application Areas E Denis Barbini, general manager of Laserssel, talks about the company's new laser-selec- tive reflow solution aimed at reducing a typi- cal reflow oven's 10-minute cycle down to just 10 seconds as well as the overall benefits man- ufacturers could see from streamlining this process. Co-owner Philip Kazmierowicz on New Role as KIC President E On March 25, 2019, KIC—one of the leaders in reflow and thermal process control and smart oven technologies—announced that Philip Kazmierowicz, company co-owner, would take on the position of president. Nolan Johnson took that opportunity to sit down with Kazmi- erowicz to discuss KIC's history and his plans for the future of the company. Smart Factory Transitions Are Attainable—With a Plan E In a white paper, Zac Elliott, technical market- ing engineer at Mentor, a Siemens Business, outlines a structured organization for smart fac- tory implementation. In this interview, Elliott discusses how things have proceeded since the paper was published and talks about strategies for smaller firms and brownfield companies. The Effectiveness of 75% IPA / 25% DI Extraction Solution on No-clean Flux Residues E The continuous challenge in the electronics industry is to keep up with the demand for smaller, faster, and more reliable electronics. When it comes to cleaning, this rapid devel- opment of manufacturing and reliability chal- lenges is juxtaposed with the slow pace of new test method development. Yamaha Unveils Manufacturing Solutions at SMT Connect 2019 E At the recent SMTConnect 2019 event in Nuremberg, Yamaha Motor Europe SMT Sec- tion revealed more details of new surface- mount equipment and software tools joining the Yamaha Total Line Solution to boost pro- ductivity and quality. ITW EAE Launches PCB Temp Monitoring for Prodigy Dispenser E ITW EAE is introducing a patent-pending option for the Camalot Prodigy dispenser that was developed to ensure process stability and increase yields for underfill applications.

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