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JULY 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 87 for developing hardware, in cooperation with Harris Corp., that will fly on the International Space Station (ISS) and communicate with Harris' ground-based satellite tracking station in Florida. BAE Systems' Joint Strike Fighter Underpins Advanced Manufacturing Growth in South Australia E BAE Systems Australia celebrated the produc- tion of the 15,000 th titanium part produced at Edinburgh Parks in South Australia for the world's largest defense program—the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Plexus Expands Darmstadt Design Center E Plexus Corp. recently opened its expanded design center in Darmstadt, doubling its engi- neering capacity in Germany. NASA's Juno Finds Changes in Jupiter's Magnetic Field E NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter made the first definitive detection beyond our world of an internal magnetic field that changes over time—a phenomenon called secular varia- tion. NextFlex Launches $10.5M Funding Round for Anti-Counterfeiting, Flex Batteries, and Hypersonics Innovation E The PC 5.0 total project value is expected to exceed $10.5 million (project value/invest- ment figures include cost-sharing), bringing the total anticipated investment in advanc- ing flexible hybrid electronics since NextFlex's formation to over $83.5 million. NASA Awards Artemis Contract for Lunar Gateway Power, Propulsion E In one of the first steps of the agency's Arte- mis lunar exploration plans, NASA announced the selection of Maxar Technologies—formerly SSL—to develop and demonstrate power, pro- pulsion and communications capabilities for NASA's lunar Gateway. Army Project Develops Agile Scouting Robots E In a research project for the U.S. Army, research- ers at the University of California, Berkeley developed an agile robot called Salto that looks like a Star Wars Imperial walker in miniature and may be able to aid in scouting and search- and-rescue operations. Sikorsky HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter Achieves First Flight E The Sikorsky HH-60W Combat Rescue Heli- copter achieved first flight at Sikorsky's West Palm Beach, Florida site—an important step toward bringing this all-new aircraft to service members to perform critical search and rescue operations. Lockheed Martin's Sikorsky Receives Contract to Build 12 CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopters E Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, will build 12 production CH-53K King Stallion heli- copters under a new $1.13 billion contract from the U.S. Navy. Nano Dimension and Harris Receive Grant for ISS Project E Nano Dimension Ltd. has received grant approval from the Israel Innovation Authority MilAero007 Highlights

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