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14 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2019 The Difference Between Quality and Reliability Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 I recently spoke with industry veteran (and I-Connect007 columnist) Denny Fritz about the relationship between quality and reliability— two terms that are unequal but often used in- terchangeably. We also discussed the current state of lead-free solders in the U.S. military and defense market as well as the microvia re- liability issues Denny focused on at IPC's High- Reliability Forum and Microvia Summit in Bal- timore, Maryland. Andy Shaughnessy: It's good to see you again, Denny. What's the name of your company? Denny Fritz: Fritz Technology Consulting. Send me something to do and I'll give you a price. Shaughnessy: Good. Can you give us a wrap-up of what you've been up to lately? Everybody is fairly familiar with you, but what are you up to now? Fritz: Many people know me through IPC in- volvement, the IPC Hall of Fame, and 40 years of involvement in the PCB industry. Until July of 2018, I had worked about 12 years for SAIC, supporting the executive agent assign- ment at Navy Base Crane in Indiana. For many years—20 direct, 10 consulting, and a loose relationship today—I worked for MacDer- mid Inc. out of Waterbury, Connecticut, doing sales, technology, marketing, roadmaps, etc. Currently, if you have something that relates to technology forecasting and supply chain, I would consider consulting for you. Shaughnessy: As a consultant, you're the ex- pert from out of town. Fritz: If you want to pay me, I'll be an expert. Shaughnessy: Earlier, you mentioned the rela- tionship between quality and reliability. To a lot of people, they're almost interchangeable, but you made some points that they're headed in the same direction but definitely aren't the same. Fritz: Correct. They are not the same. Reliabil- ity is something that I've been very interest- ed in for over 10 years now. It probably dates back to my involvement with a Navy Crane as- signment and the reliability of lead-free solders Denny Fritz

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