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66 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2019 Nikolay Ponomarenko: Starting with AD 19.0, we have added a set of capabilities targeting the design of non-conventional boards. One of these is printed with conductive ink in a semi- additive style without traditional etching of the solid copper planes. Altium Designer users can now design a stackup with all of the specifics of the process- es of printed electronics, which takes into con- sideration the passes of the conductive or non- conductive material deposition; internally, we refer to this as layerless stackup (Figure 1). As part of that process, designers can define explicit dielectric layers (i.e., the layers where dielectric might be represented by some ge- Altium Designer 19.0 Features Printed Electronics Design Functions Flex007 Feature by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 The newest version of Altium Designer—re- vision 19.0—includes functionality for design- ing printed electronic circuits. We wanted to get the scoop on Altium's PEC tools, so we asked Nikolay Ponomarenko, Altium's director of product management, to give us a tour of the new functions. Andy Shaughnessy: Nikolay, tell us about the printed electronics design capabilities in the newest version of Altium Designer. I've heard good things about it. Figure 1: The layerless stackup feature found in Altium's PEC design capabilities.

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