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AUGUST 2019 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 105 Shephard: Yes, both OEMs and the local supply chain have an important presence at SMTA. Local organizations have graciously volun- teered to provide technical content, participate in panel discussions, and explain the work that their organizations do. In addition to the edu- cational piece, we are also planning to have opportunities to pair students with job shad- owing, facility tours, and connections with re- cruiting functions. Dunn: In addition to providing technical infor- mation, I understand you also plan to provide up and coming engineers with some of the soft skills to help guide them along their ca- reer path? Shephard: Correct. Our programming will also be dedicated to building essential soft skills necessary for success in the industry, such as resume building, making strategic connections, career management, interpersonal skills, etc. Dunn: Before we wrap up, can you touch on other programs SMTA has in place for post- secondary students and young professionals? Shephard: We are expanding on Young Pro- fessional Programming both at the chapter and headquarter level. We have started pro- viding breakfast briefings for young profes- sionals at select expos to build this initiative. These breakfasts are a group discussion with a knowledgeable industry expert. The goal is to expand their thinking in these areas and fa- cilitate peer connections necessary for the suc- cess in the industry. We also recently released an eBook on our website dedicated to crucial soft skills as well as industry-specific knowl- edge and company HR contacts to aid in in- ternship and job placements. Further, we will be expanding our Young Processionals Programming globally through our SMTA International Conference and Expo this fall in Rosemont, Illinois. This is a great opportunity for young professionals and engi- neers new to the industry. The first day will include six free 45-minute technical presenta- tions by industry experts. Day two will focus on soft skill topics and includes Jim Spring- er, the featured speaker from John Deere, ad- dressing leadership and career management. Dunn: How can people get in contact with you to learn more? Shephard: Please reach out to me through our website,, or find us on Face- book, Instagram, or LinkedIn. FLEX007 Further Reading Benefits Book for Young Professionals Special Events SMTA International Special Event Calendar Tara Dunn is the president of Omni PCB, a manufacturer's rep firm specializing in the PCB industry. To read past columns or contact Dunn, click here. professor in the George W. Woodruff School of Mechani- cal Engineering and Wallace H. Coulter Department of Bio- medical Engineering at Georgia Tech. Because the device conforms to the skin, it avoids sig- nal issues that can be created by the motion of the typical metal-gel electrodes across the skin. (Source: Georgia Tech) A wireless, wearable monitor built with stretchable electronics could allow long-term health monitoring with- out concern for skin injury or allergic reactions. "This health monitor has a key advantage for young children who are always moving, since the soft conformal device can accommodate that activity with a gentle in- tegration onto the skin," said Woon-Hong Yeo, assistant Soft Wearable Health Monitor Uses Stretchable Electronics

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