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82 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 Understand the Accreditation Process and Timeline Expectations Obtaining Nadcap certification can be a lengthy process. Figure 1 shows a roadmap of the steps that are required for accredita- tion. The overall process typically takes 12–16 months to complete. Some organizations that take longer, depending on the complexity required to correct findings identified during the audit. The key to the qualification process is preparation. You need to do a gap assess- ment with an independent industry expert that can provide you with an unbiased compliance review of your process(es). The gap assess- ment is not required but highly recommended by PRI. The internal audit is required before the accreditation audit. Important Steps to Take Before the PRI Audit The internal Nadcap audit is the most impor- tant part of the preparation. Allocate the right resources and time to do a comprehensive process audit with the Nadcap checklist. The objective is to identify all possible deficiencies ahead of the accreditation audit. Assign appro- priate resources to correct deficiencies identi- fied during this internal audit. Once you have completed the internal Nad- cap audit and addressed deficiencies, prepare for the accreditation audit by reviewing the fundamentals of your quality systems with all employees before the audit. As with any audit, it is important your procedures, calibration logs, and records are in good order. Collect and review (for compliance) copies of the objective evidence, such as calibration certificates, quality procedures, records, logs, and sample job traveler documents that the auditor will need to review beforehand. Verify that there will be a sufficient number of parts, products, and components available for dem- onstration of proficiency. The auditor will only review parts or services being processed for aerospace customers. Also, advise your customers, both internal and external, of the impending Nadcap audit. They have a vested interest in your success as an accredited Nadcap supplier as well. This request will increase the confidence level of your customers that your processes are com- pliant, and you are not concerned for them to participate in this rigorous audit. Assign a Technical Expert to Lead the Nadcap Certification The audit is highly technical regarding pro- cess compliance, so it is recommended that you assign a technical expert or senior process engineer to lead the Nadcap preparation. Qual- ity systems personnel can help to coordinate the audit schedule and ensure documentation Figure 1: Roadmap of the steps required for accreditation.

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