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112 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 1 Beyond Design: Stackup Planning, Part 5 E Barry Olney describes the traditional stackup structures that use a combination of signal and power/ground planes. But to achieve the next level in stackup design, one needs to not only consider the placement of signal and plane lay- ers in the stackup, but also visualize the elec- tromagnetic fields that propagate the signals through the substrate. 2 Bill Brooks on Teaching PCB Design at Palomar College E Bill Brooks of Nordson ASYMTEK recently spoke with the I-Connect007 edi- torial team about his histo- ry in design and his time as a PCB design instructor, the curriculum he developed and taught, and various techniques that might be enacted today to better educate the design- ers of tomorrow. 3 IPC High-reliability Forum and Microvia Summit Review, Part II E The Microvia Summit provided updates on the work of members of the IPC V-TSL-MVIA Weak Interface Microvia Failures Technology Solu - tions Subcommittee and opportunities to learn about latest developments in methods to reveal and explain the presence of latent defects, iden - tify causes and cures, and be able to consistent- ly and confidently supply reliable products. 4 Development of Flexible Hybrid Electronics E This article will present a hybrid manufacturing pro- cess to manufacture FHE systems with a two-layer interconnect structure uti- lizing screen printing of sil- ver conductive ink, filled microvias to connect ink traces at the different layers, and use of the traditional reflow process to attach the semi- conductor chips to the printed substrates. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 and Flex007 Bill Brooks

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