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54 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 Trouble in Your Tank: Moving Into Microvias, Part 4 E Copper deposit in the vias with electroless cop- per or alternatives, such as carbon-based di- rect plate processes to the vias, depends on process control, equipment design, and chemi- cal parameters. When these are not in control, defects arise. In this installment of the column series, Mike Carano discusses metallization for HDI blind via processing. Nano Dimention Details New DragonFly LDM E Dan Feinberg talks with Nano Dimension CEO Amit Dror about the new DragonFly LDM 3D printer technology announced by the Israeli company on July 24, 2019, aimed at increas- ing machine uptime and moving forward from prototyping to higher production volumes. Pollution Prevention Techniques: Rinse Water Reduction E The first step in any pollution prevention strat- egy is to minimize chemical wastes and their rinse waters. There are five general categories of common techniques for pollution prevention in a PCB fabrication facility: (1) new processes to replace sources of pollution; (2) extend the bath's life; (3) rinse water reduction; (4) dra - gout reduction; and (5) ventilation reduction. The PCB Norsemen: Avoid Failures in PCB Production With Compliance Control E Failures and reliability in the printed circuit in- dustry are usually considered in the context of quality claims and non-conformity. This is a logical approach; however, there is a new con- text where these aspects are under close scru- tiny, namely compliance—especially in the de- fense industry. Testing Todd: What Do You Mean 'Passed' Isn't Enough? E From a reliability standpoint, we need to quick- ly assess what risk we may have uncovered when faults are detected during electrical test (ET). "Passed" is not always passed. We must be diligent to scrutinize the failures found dur- ing routine ET as a high yield may not indicate high reliability. Better to Light a Candle: Chapter Four— Next Steps for Developing the Future Workforce E This fourth installment of Marc Carter's col- umn series provides an update on repeat (and perhaps even expanded) classes at Michi- gan Tech and reports on developing contacts at other prospective university, industry, and government nodes for similar efforts to ensure basic printed circuit technology familiarity of college graduates over the next few years. TTM Technologies Unveils Executive Transition E TTM Technologies Inc. has announced that Catherine Gridley will be joining the TTM ex- ecutive team on September 3 as incoming se- nior vice president and president of the aero- space and defense/specialty (A&D) business unit (BU) and will formally assume the A&D leadership role on January 1, 2020. How to Feed Test Data Back to Engineering for Process Improvement E Some people think of the PCB manufacturing process as a black box: design data goes to the manufacturer (fabrication house), and magically, the finished PCB is produced. While it may have been like that in the past, in actuality, fabricating PCBs today is quite a ballet of processes.

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