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62 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2019 We're onto the second half of the year now, and we've seen lots of activities within our local Designers Council (DC) Chapters, includ- ing a few international chapters as well. It's great to see and hear of the continued activi- ties from professional development to knowl- edge sharing and networking taking place at various industry events. Here is a snapshot of what has taken place so far from several of our active chapters. If you are involved in discussions, whether it is in a small or a large group, about industry content regarding PCB design, fabrication, or assembly, but you are not part of IPC, then I highly recommend you contact me so that I can assist you in joining the IPC collective. It's totally free and well worth it! And if you are an industry veteran with lots of experience, yet not active in IPC, or simply a college student starting your career, this is a great group to join and get plugged in. I hope to hear from those who are not part of IPC, especially within a DC Chapter. Silicon Valley Chapter, California Chapter Leader: Bob McCreight Around 32 people attended our Q3 meeting on July 25. Many thanks to Altium, Ama- zon, and the guest speakers. To start the meeting, we were treated to a nice greeting from Umar Shah and Charles Rusch from Amazon Lab126. Then, we went around the room, and each attendee intro- duced themselves. It was nice to put faces with the names. Stephen Golemme followed with a quick presentation about the IPC-2231 Recent IPC DC Chapter Activities The Digital Layout by Stephen V. Chavez, MIT, CID+, IPC DESIGNERS COUNCIL Bob McCreight

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