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104 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2019 1 Beyond Design: The Curse of the Golden Board E Electric fields and magnet- ic fields play an equal role in moving energy in a multilayer PCB. EM fields also move ener- gy in free space, but not at DC. Moving a voltage between two components requires moving energy (not a signal), which requires the exis- tence of both electric and magnetic fields. 2 Insulectro and DuPont Experts Talk Flex Design E Mike Creeden recently spoke with Insulectro's Chris Hunrath and DuPont's Steven Bowles at the DuPont Technology and Innovation Center in Sunnyvale, California. They discussed a va- riety of topics related to flex design, including the support structure that's needed in flex de- sign, the everchanging world of flex materials, and the need for working with a flex fabrica- tor as early as possible in the flex design cycle. 3 The Bare (Board) Truth: Teaching the Next Generation—An Overview of Today's University Courses E In this column, Mark Thompson focuses on the University of Washington, where he count- ed approximately 163 programs in their cata- log of electronics courses. He shares the top 19 courses he thinks are the most valuable for emerging electronic engineers if he were to start his electronics career over again. 4 Pulsonix Is Bullish on Next-gen Designers E During a recent trip to the U.K., Barry Matties spoke with Bob Williams, the managing director of Pulso- nix, about training the new generation of designers. He explained how the company reaches out to local high schools, colleges, uni- versities, and user groups to advocate for ca- reers in PCB design and manufacturing. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 and Flex007 Barry Olney Bob Williams

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