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78 PCB007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2019 1 Trouble in Your Tank: Via Hole Filling and Plugging, Part 1 E High-density interconnect (HDI) demands that vias that do not contain compo- nent leads be plugged with either a polymeric paste or electroplated copper. In this column series, Michael Cara- no talks about the technology drivers for via filling/plugging in the context of HDI. 2 Additive Electronics Conference Set for October 24, 2019 E Tara Dunn, president of Om- ni PCB and I-Connect007 col- umnist, and Lenora Clark, director of autonomous driv- ing and safety technology at MacDermid Alpha Automo- tive, discuss the upcoming Ad- ditive Electronics Conference in San Jose, Cali- fornia, on October 24, 2019; the impetus and motiv ation behind the conference; and who can benefit the most from attending. 3 Dana on Data: IPC-2581 Intelligent Bi-directional Data Flow E The IPC Consortium is near- ing completion of transfer- ring notes on drawings and working with IPC on con- verting key IPC specifications into attributes that can be au- tomatically loaded into CAD and CAM systems. 4 EPTE Newsletter: PCB Market Trends in Taiwan E PCB monthly shipments for the first three quarters show some positive growth compared to the same pe- riods of the previous year. However, growth was stag- nant during October and November and declined significantly in December. Dominique Numakura Editor Picks from PCB007 Dominique Numakura Dana Korf Tara Dunn Michael Carano

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