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NOVEMBER 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 99 5 X-Rayted Files: The Risk of Installing Counterfeit Parts E In high-tech manufactur- ing, the use of sub-standard components can be cata- strophic. There is no greater need for quality control than in PCBs, as they are only as good as the com- ponents installed on them; therein lies the problem. Some components shipped to manufacturers are counterfeit! 6 SMTA 2019 International Awards E The SMTA Interna- tional conference hon- ored industry members with awards for their contributions to the industry. 7 Catching up With Niche Electronics E Niche Electronics President Frank Bowman speaks with Dan Beaulieu about his com- pany, their ser- vices, how they help their customers, and their plans for the future. 8 Real Time with... SMTAI 2019 Videos Now Live E If you couldn't make it to SMTAI 2019, be sure to catch I-Connect007's video interviews with the movers and shakers of the electron- ics industry. We've updated our video presentation for a better experience for our users, so check it out! 9 Combating ESD: The Silent Assassin in Electronics Manufacturing E ESD is a constant but invis- ible force within electron- ics manufacturing that can have a powerfully detri- mental impact on produc- tion yield, product and prod- uct reliability, and company profitability. And as the circuitry within elec- tronic devices continues to get faster, smaller, and more sophisticated, their sensitivity to the effects of ESD is only likely to increase. J RTW SMTAI 2019: Technical Sessions Overview and 2020 Preview E Karlie Severinson, SMTA events and administra- tive manager, gives Nolan Johnson an overview of the SMTAI 2019 techni- cal sessions and plans for next year's event. For the latest news and information, visit Subscribe to our newsletters or premium content at my I-Connect007. Karlie Severinson Bill Cardoso Neil Sharp

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