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106 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2019 1 Beyond Design: My 100 th Column E Believe it or not, Barry Ol- ney has written 100 "Beyond Design" columns. To wrap it up, he looks back over the past 99 columns and reflects on what he believes to be the most enlightening for high- speed PCB designers, counting down in re- verse order of preference. 2 ODB++: Transforming Ideas Into Products E The ODB format originated with the objec- tive of delivering on this need. The format was originally introduced for use by PCB fabrica- tors, eliminating the need for a collection of CAM files in multiple formats—such as Ger- ber, Excellon, IPC-356, or even IPC-350, which was an early attempt to simplify this process. The key to the success of ODB was that it ob- tained industry acceptance. 3 Tim's Takeaways: Realizing a Higher Standard for OCB Design E To the untrained eye, one cir- cuit board may look pretty much like any other, but as we know, there are major dif - ferences between them. Not only are they different in pur- pose and design but also in how they are manufactured for specific indus- tries. If you are designing medical equipment, for instance, you will have to meet many differ- ent regulatory requirements from organizations, such as the FDA, WHO, and IEC, among others. 4 Cadence Reports 9% YoY Revenue Growth in 3Q19 E Cadence reported third quarter 2019 revenue of $580 million, compared to revenue of $532 million reported for the same pe- riod in 2018. Editor Picks from PCBDesign007 and Flex007 Barry Olney Tim Haag

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