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42 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2019 wrong, take a moment to first listen to your- self. Put yourself in the place of your audi- ence, and listen to what you just said. Does it make sense to you? Do any questions imme- diately come to mind? Did it give you enough information to successfully complete the task that needs to be done? By first listening to our- selves and looking to see how we can improve our own voice, we can do a lot better job at communicating our ideas with others. Conclusion It would be a lot easier if we could telepath- ically communicate with people as my dog thought he was doing, but let's face it—that just isn't going to happen. For now, we all need to work on improving our communica- tion skills to make sure that the message we want to send is the message that is actually being received. Until next time then, keep on designing. DESIGN007 Tim Haag writes technical, thought- leadership content for First Page Sage on his longtime career as a PCB designer and EDA technologist. To read past columns or contact Haag, click here. called "quantum circuits." These computer science ab- stractions work like programs, specifying a series of op- erations for the quantum processor to run. Both the quantum processor and supercomputer were given increasingly complex and random circuits to com- pute until the supercomputer wasn't able to process them. To find that limit, researchers at Ames advanced techniques for simulating these random quantum circuit computations using NASA's supercomputing facilities. At a certain point, even with all the tricks NASA's quantum computing and supercomputing experts threw at it, this simulated "computer within a computer" wasn't able to handle the random circuits given to it, and that became the bar set for Google's quantum computer to beat. Reaching quantum supremacy opens up the ability to experiment and develop quan- tum processing technology far more rapidly across the board—largely because of the unprecedented degree of control over the quantum operations possible in Google's hardware. The achievement of quantum supremacy means that the processing power and con- trol mechanisms now exist for scientists to run their code with confidence and see what happens beyond the limits of what could be done on supercomputers. Experi- mentation with quantum computing is now possible in a way it has never been before. (Source: NASA) Google, in partnership with NASA and Oak Ridge Nation- al Laboratory, has demonstrated the ability to compute in seconds what would take even the largest and most ad- vanced supercomputers thousands of years, achieving a milestone known as quantum supremacy. "Quantum computing is still in its infancy, but this transformative achievement rockets us forward," said Eu- gene Tu, center director at NASA's Ames Research Center in California's Silicon Valley. "Our missions in the decades to come to the Moon, Mars and beyond are all fueled by in- novations like this one." The paper describes the experiments run by Google's Sycamore quantum processor to demonstrate quantum supremacy. Computations on a quantum computer are Google and NASA Achieve Quantum Supremacy

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