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50 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2019 Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 I had the chance to catch up with Megan Teta, CID+, product manager of design and education services at Insulectro. Megan ex- plains why she's excited to become more in- volved in training and why the world of PCBs is anything but boring, contrary to popular opinion. Andy Shaughnessy: For anybody who didn't see last year's interview, give us a quick back- ground on yourself and talk about your promo- tion. Congratulations, by the way. Megan Teta: Thank you! I've been in the indus- try for five years, and a little over two and a half years with Insulectro. I received a promotion to product manager of design and education ser- vices. Before that, I was a field application en- gineer on the East Coast, which I'm continuing to do. Currently, our goals with PCB design and education are to get more designers informed on anything and everything, mostly focusing on materials set aside for the manufacturer, etc. We also partnered with two design services compa - nies, and we work very closely with them. We make sure that anybody who has a bottleneck in their design can get through that, so that has been our primary focus. Shaughnessy: You're not an old, grizzled veter- an yet, but what were some of the things that surprised you about this industry? Teta: People don't realize how many different aspects in which you can become involved. From day to day, I deal with a lot of the RF and high-speed digital stuff, along with aero - space and automotive. The different areas our PCBs go into is so large across the spectrum, and you need to learn exactly what type of applications they need to go through, wheth- er that's high-temperature or down-hole drill- ing technology. Any electronic device you use has a board in it. We're going to 5G because circuit boards are going to be capable of that bandwidth. I'm still surprised at how involved PCBs are in every aspect of your life; it's not just the bare boards. Shaughnessy: I have a lot of friends who think this sounds like a boring industry. Maybe the boards are, but the things they go into will change the world. The World of PCBs: Anything But Boring Megan Teta

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