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NOVEMBER 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 9 my mom was going nuts with all the random stuff I was blurting out from the back seat. But she just let me have my fun and celebrat- ed my new perspective all the way home. And to the credit of my middle school classmates, my glasses were the topic of conversation that next morning. In this issue, we update your prescription, clarify your vision of the industry, and bring your own perspective into view. With each in- terview, try on another outlook and look at the industry from another point of view. Let's see what else is out there. We start with EIPC's Tarja Rapala-Virtanen perspective on changing PCB demands. Then, I-Connect007 technical editor Happy Holden catches up with Audra Thurston, a young and articulate PCB engineer who recently joined the industry after graduation. Next, I have a conversation with Sunstone's Nancy Viter and Sheri Kuretich on staffing trends and leverag- ing ISO 9000 to create a training knowledge- base. I-Connect007 technical editor Pete Starkey submits a conversation: "Thomas Michels on the Importance of Investment and Coop- eration," and I catch up with Zach Peterson from Northwest Engineering Solutions to dis- cuss upcoming technologies in "Industry Set for Shift to True 3D Printing and Photonics." Then, the PCB007 China team updates us on the upcoming HKPCA Show, which has been renamed the 2019 International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen). I-Connect007 technical editor Dan Feinberg covers how "5G Is Coming With Quantum-lev- el Advances and Features," followed by an ar- ticle from Rogers' Johnathan Rountree, titled "Chasing Down Materials for 5G and Beyond." Wang Longji, a Chinese cultural icon as well as a PCB manufacturing pioneer, shares his perspective on the industry's growth in China in "The CPCA and China's Electronic Circuit Industry: Past and Future." We wrap up the features with a technical piece from Atotech's Rick Nichols, Sandra Heinemann, Robert Spre- emann, and Gustavo Ramos, titled "The Via- bility of a Cyanide-free Immersion Gold Bath." Todd Kolmodin takes a look at continuous innovation in his column, "Go to Bed Hungry," and Steve Williams sets out to improve qual- ity programs in his column, "Making Quality Initiatives Fun." Marc Ladle sheds light on the preparation, application, and curing for solder mask in "UV Cure LED Energy Saver." Mike Carano concludes in his column "Changes and Concerns Regarding HDI Technology." While we may not cause you to well up with tears or improve your sandlot baseball game, we hope you find some new perspective in these pages. PCB007 Nolan Johnson is managing editor of PCB007 Magazine. Nolan brings 30 years of career experience focused almost entirely on electronics de- sign and manufacturing.To contact Johnson, click here. Bring your manufacturing practices into the digital age with The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to… Advanced Manufacturing in the Digital Age—the latest title in I-Connect007's grow- ing library. Author Oren Manor explores the most important steps to consider when building a digital manufacturing company. Industry 4.0 has the power to drive quantifiable industry change and transform how companies work, collaborate, and serve their customers. According to Farid Anani, VP, operations at Computrol Inc., "This book is a must-read for those embarking on their IIoT journey; it provides a very accurate description of preparation require- ments and risks to consider and avoid, not just technologically, but also organizationally." Download your free copy today! New Book Details Important Steps to Make Industry 4.0 a Reality

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