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NOVEMBER 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 97 defect and mitigate it once and for all, but this is easier said than done. What Does the Supply Chain Need Going Forward? For HDI technology to be successful, in- cluding ensuring long-term reliability, noth- ing short of full cooperation among materials, chemical, and equipment suppliers; major PCB fabricators; and key OEMs is required. While there are various consortia (HDPUG, iNEMI, IPC, and other organizations), this is only a loosely coordinated effort. Part of the reason for the reticence of some firms to join the effort relates to sharing in- formation or that they feel they have already solved the problem. This is dangerous think- ing. Industry leaders need to bond together in a coordinated effort; then we can make great strides in mitigating these issues and providing more guidance so that complex HDI technol- ogy becomes mainstream. Reference 1. Jerry Magera, "IPC Technology Solutions White Paper on Performance-Based Printed Board OEM Acceptance—Via Chain Continuity Reflow Test: The Hidden Reliability Threat— Weak Microvia Interface," IPC High-Reliability Forum and Microvia Summit, 2018. PCB007 Michael Carano is VP of technolo- gy and business development for RBP Chemical Technology. To read past columns or contact Carano, click here. Figure 3: Note the separation of the plated copper at the interface with the capture pad. (Source: IPC TSL-MVIA Committee) The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) has announced the publication of the Organic PCB and Power Conversion Electronics chapters of the 2019 roadmap. Both of these Technology Working Group chapters identify key technology developments anticipated and required within the supply chain to meet product needs between now and 2029 in their respective tech- nology areas. The chapters also identify any potential gaps between product sector needs and technology capabilities. New products will require, for example, advanced pack- aging and heterogenous integration, new materials, and innovative architectures. Organic PCB developments must comprehend these changing market demands. Pow- er conversion electronics topics include device-level con- siderations through power supply technologies that are needed to either extend or improve within the roadmap time horizon. Now Available: The 2019 Roadmap is now available on the iNEMI website. It is free to iNEMI members. (Source: iNEMI) iNEMI Publishes Organic PCB and Power Conversion Electronics Chapters from the 2019 Roadmap

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