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DECEMBER 2019 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 27 ponents and how they deflect the wash and rinse spray and cause shadow opportunities is equally important. So, what can an old dog do to keep up with the times? The good news is there are a lot of options out there for continuous education. As I previously mentioned, the internet is a good starting place when you are up against a con- dition you haven't seen before. It's likely that you aren't the first to ever experience what- ever you're having trouble with, so lean on the experience of others whenever possible. You can usually find something out there that will only cost you some time. Another great learning opportunity is to become involved in one of the major industry bodies like IPC, SMTA, IMAPS, and iNEMI, among many others. These groups are usually comprised of experienced industry experts from every corner of the field. Most all offer national and local shows that have learning opportunities from those same experts, as well as show floors that have all the latest and greatest equipment and materials for emerg- ing technology. Yes, they also support your legacy assembly processes, but you proba- bly don't need a booth for that. Further, these groups often offer webinars that you can join for free without leaving the comfort of your office. I like to be on as many of these as pos- sible, even if it's a topic I think I have a pretty good handle on because you never know if a bit of new information on an old topic will pop up. Technology is going to keep marching for- ward, with or without you. To keep up, you'll need to get off that proverbial comfy porch you know so well and keep learning new tricks, no matter how you have always done it. SMT007 Eric Camden is a lead investigator at Foresite Inc. To read past columns or contact Camden, click here. Nolan Johnson and Tom Salmon, SEMI SEMI's Tom Salmon, VP of collaborative technology platforms, discuss the SMT-ELS protocol, which is being developed collaboratively as a replacement for SMEMA. Tom overviews the technology involved and industry acceptance. SEMI on the SMT-ELS Protocol

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