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82 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2019 EPTE Newsletter: Monocoque Printed Circuits—An Update E Wiring with flexible circuits could be a prac- tical solution. Nowadays, most mobile device manufacturers are consuming huge amounts of thin, flexible circuits to attach on the sur- face of the housing in limited spaces. Howev- er, the cost of flexible circuits and assembling them is another headache for device manufac- turers because they are not negligible in the whole cost of the devices. Nano Dimension's Partner, Accucode, Expands With First 3D Electronics Service Bureau and Second DragonFly System E Nano Dimension Ltd., a leading additive elec- tronics provider, announced today that U.S.- based reseller, Accucode, is opening the world's first service bureau for 3D printing of electronics focused on serving the market with end-to-end prototyping and low-volume addi- tive manufacturing services for electronics. Insulectro Leverages One Source Distribution for Printed Electronic Materials at IDTechEx E Insulectro, the largest distributor of PCB and printed electronics materials, exhibited at IDTECHEX's Printed Electronics World 2019 conference held in Santa Clara, California. AstroNova Partners With SPF for Flex Tech E AstroNova has partnered with SPF, a technical consultancy supporting printing and packag- ing industries to facilitate an easy, cost-effec- tive digital printing method for producing flex- ible circuits by combining AstroNova's Quick- Label and SPF's metallograph technologies. Mentor Video: What You Need to Know About Rigid-Flex Design E This on-demand webinar will show you how PADS Professional's rigid-flex technology sim- plifies the rigid-flex design process, from stack- up definition through to manufacturing hand- off. The presenters are Technical Marketing En- gineering Manager John McMillan and Techni- cal Marketing Engineer Brent Klingforth, both of Mentor, a Siemens business. Decreasing Bend Radius and Improving Reliability, Part II E Many of the issues that arise when using a flex circuit come from a lack of knowledge about how to properly design one, especially when the circuit is required to bend. Many novices will design a circuit that calls for bending the flex in too tight of a bend radius, which can cause damage to the circuit and lower the re- liability of the end product. This series of arti- cles will focus on the seven key aspects to con- sider when designing for maximum durability and maximum flexibility. Flex Talk: Additive Electronics Momentum E Tara Dunn has been involved with additive electronics for the past several years and seen the discussion of and demand for sub-75-mi- cron feature sizes slowly grow. Conversations, questions, and research about SAP and mSAP increased significantly when it was announced that the mSAP process was used to create the circuitry in the more recent versions of our smartphones. While this process is available in very high volume in some areas of the world, it is still in the early stages of development in other areas.

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