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DECEMBER 2019 I PCB007 MAGAZINE 13 old AOI, LDI, and AVI, the resolution will be an issue going down the track width ladder. The Impact of Change Each time we see generation changes—or a big jump down the miniaturization ladder—the massive investments end up challenging the smaller factories. It is unavoidable to mention that government-supported companies have been able to invest at a much higher rate than their competitors based in less supportive countries, and that is exactly what we see today—the gap between the strong ones with extra financial power, and the ones without. Playing a central part in the PCB industry, we monitor all manufacturing changes closely, and this development is for sure a topic to return to in another column. My impression is that the future will demand volumes, individually adapted. Adapted applications will require adapted PCBs man- ufactured almost like individuals, often with several versions of the same printed circuit. But why? Because the speed of technology runs fast and allows it. As always, hang on to the tech express, and if you don't feel assured you are, involve a partner that is. PCB007 Jan Pedersen is a senior technical advisor at Elmatica. To read past columns or contact The PCB Norsemen, click here. Pete Starkey and Andreas Schatz, global manager product equipment for Atotech, discuss automation, consistency, quality, safety, yield, and sustainability in the company's systems and their progress toward full Industry 4.0 capability. productronica 2019: Benefits of Automation in Horizontal and Vertical Plating and Wet Processing Systems

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