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26 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2019 Faraci: We're doing that now, as you can see. Ziomek: There is another interesting thing. On our rigid side, with the way that the custom- ers are utilizing the tool, they always bring us back new information too. And one of the great things about using this system, especial- ly on the rigid side when they're bonding that package, is they're able to take that internal package and put it on an X-ray drill. Before, the traditional process was to do it after it was pressed, which is too late because you still can't identify where it came from. Some of the customers are taking that bonded package off the DIS system and putting it on the X-ray to make sure that the machine is doing what it's supposed to be doing. Then, it goes through the press, and they put it back on the X- ray after it has been baked. They can also com- pare the results and find out if it came from the press. They're able to have a baseline reference. Matties: Are you also providing a process im- provement tool with this? Ziomek: Absolutely. Faraci: Right now, when they pin up on pin lam, there's no way to check if the operator made a mistake, or if it's the core. You can't say. The only thing you know is that, from after the lay- ers were punched until you came out of lami- nation, something happened, but you don't know where. In this process, we're laying up the panel, and it will be tack bonded. They can measure with the X-ray machine and know if the machine did its job. And you have the data set just before lamination. Now, you laminate, come out, and remeasure the same panel; you have what happened in the press. And most of our customers have done that, where they will go in and tweak their press cycle based on the data—not on if they think they have to play with the pressure or add more papering. Matties: It's not guesswork anymore. Faraci: Correct. You take the black magic out. Matties: Congratulations, and thanks for shar- ing this today. I think this is fantastic. As you know, I'm a big fan of the systems that you produce and look forward to seeing some more of these in the U.S. Faraci: Exactly. Matties: Thanks for your time. This is great. Faraci: Thank you. PCB007 ond home and family. A big portion of his work further en- abled CML to establish its position in Asia. Hubert was a knowledgeable PCB expert, and we could rely on his solutions, whether for stan- dard or advanced technology PCB chal- lenges. With more than 40 years of ex- perience in the PCB business, he was a mentor and passed on his knowledge to the younger generation in our team. Once more, we express our gratitude and appreciation of his work and friend- ship at CML. Hubert, you will always re- main in our memories. (Source: CML) On August 23, we had to say goodbye to our dear col- league, Hubert van Rennings. His unexpected death at 64 years of age caused great grief and left a gap in our hearts. Hubert entered the PCB world at a young age, starting at Ruwel (Unimicron Germany GmbH). There, he made his way from man- ufacturing to technical roles and became a CAD/CAM expert. After 30+ years in Ger- many, Hubert went to China and worked for several big PCB manufacturers. In 2011, Hubert joined CML as technical director located in our Shenzhen office in China. Shenzhen and CML became his sec- CML's Tribute to Hubert van Rennings

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