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80 PCB007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2019 1. Faster Speed and Lower Latency My main net connection is through Cox ca- ble, and enabling it to max out requires a DOC- SIS 3.1 modem and compatible router. In ad- dition, I only use Cox for net—no sharing of data transfer abilities with TV or VOIP phone; I do this to max out speed and reliability. In addition, I use maxed-out Cat7 cables. All of that improves both my wired as well as my wireless; however, my wired goes directly to my desktop computers (or if I chose, I could connect wired to notebooks, but that is incon- venient). Take a look at these two-speed tests run on the same network using a wired desktop and wireless notebook. Note the extreme differenc- es in speed and the amount of data transferred. When it comes to the speed you get, and the quality and reliability of your internet connec- tion, it is very important for you to understand that wired internet provides significantly more speed and reliability than wireless internet. The reason for this is very simple. Wired inter- net is direct to your computer; therefore, there will be no loss of data or packets when you are surfing the internet, but as far as wireless internet is concerned, there are many factors that can influence your data speed, reliability, lag, and overall usage. By going for wired internet instead of wire- less internet, you will be able to increase the chances of you getting better speeds, more re- liable connections, and lower latency signifi- cantly. 2. Better Security No matter what you are doing online, your privacy should be of concern. Yes, you may be just on Google or Facebook, but while do- ing so, do you want someone getting access to your files, pictures, and browsing history? Of course not. If you are doing business or investing online, a hack could damage you more than you might realize. Security is a lengthy discussion, so for this article, if you are using wireless, just be aware that you have less security than if you were using a wired connection and take whatever precau- tions you feel are necessary to decrease your chances of being hacked and having files or photos stolen, etc. 3. Possible Health Issues We all use more and more wireless devic- es that generate radio-frequency (RF) radia- tion. Phones, Wi-Fi, non-IR remote controls, and even wireless earbuds all of these gen- erate RF—in some cases, with the transmit- ter right up against our head. We use these Notebook and new DIY workstation. Wired vs. wireless (same network, same location, and same test).

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