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JANUARY 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 17 flow monitoring system— promises to deliver even higher levels of precision, repeatability, and yield. In addition, a new series of MYS plasma offers all the benefits of traditional vacuum plasma systems at atmospheric pres- sure with safer and cleaner operations and up to 50x faster cleaning speeds. Added Versatility, Speed, and Precision The MY700JX jet printer and jet dispenser is unbeliev- ably fast, precise, and allows you to produce complex boards with a speed of more than one million dots per hour. This printer can be integrated with a closed-loop with the Mycronic PI 3D SPI system to predict and prevent solder paste defects. The MY700 handles flexible substrates, LED boards, cavities, and package-on-package applications with no hassle. Collaborative Robotics for Autonomous Material Handling In a significant step towards improving labor uti- lization, Mycronic also demonstrated a next-gener- ation collaborative robotics system. Developed in collaboration with industry-leading partners, the solution shows the potential for entirely operator- independent retrieval, kitting, and distribution of component reels.. High-performance Automotive Camera Module Assembly In addition to these new SMT capabilities, Mycronic also presented the manufacturing solu- tions and experts behind the industry-leading CMAT system. The millions of sensor modules assem- bled every year by manufacturers using this sys- tem are enabling enhanced automotive safety and, ultimately, autonomous driving. Mycronic's pro- cess experts are able to answer questions regarding design for manufacturing, rapid prototyping, appli- cation enhancement, and full- scale manufacturing optimi- zation. Advanced Die-bonding Systems Finally, visitors to pro- ductronica had the opportu- nity to learn about the indus- try's leading high-precision die bonding systems for flex- ible high-speed assembly of optoelectronics and micro- electronics. For more information, contact Mycronic at Olivier Pirou, VP of global inspection, addresses the company's new AOI offering, which adds testing results analysis and feedback into the Industry 4.0 solution set. Thomas Stetter, VP of assembly solutions at Mycronic, discusses the positive effects of recent acquisitions, the MYPro line, and the benefits of the company's technology. JANUARY 2020 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 17 PRODUCTRONICA 2019 SPECIAL COVERAGE

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