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78 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2020 checking out new technologies the same as we all do. I have yet to have anyone I approach not want to discuss their work with me and allow me to squeeze out another drop of information. The expo floor is a fantastic place to learn about existing and emerging technology from the companies making the equipment. This is where the sales pitch belongs, and there is no shortage. But this is where you want to see that pitch since these companies have work- ing experience with a process you may be cur- rently using or considering. There are plenty of squeeze balls, candy and pens to collect as well, and there are plenty of social events on the floor itself, including free ice cream, bev- erages, and snacks. Outside the walls of the convention center, you can find events, like the trivia networking night, where you and your team of geniuses compete against oth- ers. Put some of that useless knowledge to use for once! Overall, I always look forward to IPC APEX EXPO for the learning and networking oppor- tunities (and the escape from the Indiana winter). If you take time before you go to thoroughly review the schedule, you can max- imize every minute of your time while you are there because every minute holds a valu- able opportunity. Oh, and San Diego is conve- niently located on the Pacific Ocean, so you might want to pack your flip-flops and sun- screen too. SMT007 Eric Camden is a lead investigator at Foresite Inc. To read past columns or contact Camden, click here. Brook Sandy-Smith, IPC's technical conference program manager, shares a few tips on getting the most out of IPC APEX EXPO 2020, such as attending two key speaker presentations, downloading the app, and taking advantage of the new single-session pass. Click image below to watch video. (Source: IPC) Getting the Most Out of IPC APEX EXPO 2020

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